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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution process in which divorcing parties work with specially trained attorneys and other professionals to reach agreements without resorting to litigation. The heart of the process is to give you and your spouse or partner control over your divorce agreements without the emotional stress and uncertainty of formal divorce proceedings. If you are seeking a skilled and experienced professional to aid in your collaborative divorce in Seattle, WA, I am here for you.

Divorce Resolution Process

During the collaborative divorce, you are provided with the support, protection, and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, collaborative divorce allows you to obtain beneficial assistance from a child and financial specialists, divorce coaches, and other professionals all working together on your team. Some aspects of the process also provide economic advantages to both parties, as your financial settlements are negotiated in a way that protects both of your best interests as well as helps avoid the high costs of court.
The central principles of collaborative divorce include:

The Central Collaborative Principles Include:

  • A promise to reach a resolution without court intervention or threatening court intervention.
  • A pledge that if either client seeks court intervention, both attorneys must withdraw from representation.
  • A promise by all participants to negotiate in good faith by remaining open and flexible, disclosing all pertinent information and using constructive and respectful communication methods.
  • An agreement that all communications which occur during the collaborative law process are inadmissible in any future proceeding without the express written consent of all participants.

Throughout the collaborative divorce process, transparency is paramount. Parties exchange documents freely, informally, and inexpensively. When necessary, experts are jointly engaged and serve as neutrals. This includes a family court judge, with whom you will need to meet in order to sign the required paperwork once a final agreement has been reached.

As a certified financial analyst, I can help you handle the financial aspect of your divorce process and reach amicable agreements regardless of the complexity of your distinct case. Please note that while I cannot provide any form of legal counsel, I can recommend qualified attorneys to lead the negotiations of your collaborative divorce.

To find out more about executing a successful and stress-free collaborative divorce in Seattle, WA, please do not hesitate to reach out to my Pathways to Resolution office. Simply dial
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Teresa is amazing! I have worked with Teresa for over 10 years and cannot speak highly enough of her. She is an excellent mediator, skilled in facilitating difficult conversations with people going through divorce. I have also worked with Teresa on a Collaborative Law Divorce team, with Teresa as the financial neutral team member. She is such an integral part of the team and helps the clients navigate some very difficult conversations with grace. I highly recommend Teresa. – Sara Wahl