Divorce Mediation Process

Beginning The Divorce mediation and Arbitration Process

My divorce mediation process begins with a conference call, giving you an opportunity to understand the financial divorce resolution services that I offer and ask questions pertaining to your particular situation. The purpose of this call is to help you determine if mediation is the best solution and if working with me is a good fit.


Gathering and Sharing of Financial Information

After the initial consultation, I will send you a list of documents needed for the mediation. As part of the divorce mediation process, you must be ready to fully disclose all relevant financial information to ensure that I can help you in a well-informed and efficient manner.

Initial Meeting

Once you have gathered your financial information, I will meet with you to discuss what issues will be addressed during the mediation process and to exchange the relevant documentation. The agenda for this session generally includes the following:

  • Discuss divorce related issues and develop homework and agendas items specific to those issues.
  • Review financial documents.
  • Review post-divorce budgets and address any questions around completing them.
  • Discuss how you would like to use attorneys in the process.
  • Review and sign my fee agreement.

Second Meeting

After I have received all of the necessary financial information, I provide a detailed report that illustrates your financial situation and, if requested, post divorce budgets.

The agenda for the second session generally includes the following:

  • Review financial illustrations to verify all assets, debts and personal property have been identified.
  • Review post-divorce budgets and discuss any necessary changes.
  • Determine what additional information or education is necessary before identifying financial goals and discussing settlement options.
  • Begin discussing property division, and settlement scenarios which may include child and spousal support.

Discussing Settlement Options

When you are comfortable that all financial and budget information is accurate, we will begin exploring options and consequences of various settlement scenarios. I can also provide cash flow projections for any property division and support scenarios being considered. As a certified divorce financial analyst, I find that cash flow projections can provide additional information and education, which is important for making decisions regarding property division.

process for Identifying Agreements

Once you have reached an agreement on all financial issues, I will prepare a memorandum of understanding that captures your agreements in detail. I recommend that clients also have agreements reviewed by an attorney, who will ultimately need to draft a property settlement contract that reflects your agreements.

Divorce mediation and Arbitration CONSULTATION

To learn more about how I can help you with mediation in Seattle, WA, or to schedule the initial consultation call, please do not hesitate to contact me today. You can reach my Pathways to Resolution office at 206-285-1073 or through my online contact form.