Divorce Mediation Services

Are Divorce Mediation Services Right For You?

Financial divorce mediation services are not right for everyone or every dispute. To work with a certified divorce financial analyst and be successful you must be able to:

  • Work together creatively and cooperatively towards a common goal of settlement.
  • Be willing to consider the others’ points of view.
  • Be able to sit together without attorneys present.
  • Be willing to provide accurate and truthful information.
  • Abide by rules of good faith and common courtesy.
  • Trust that the other person is willing and able to do the above.

Divorce Mediation Services Seattle

Financial Divorce Mediation Services Overview

Mediation is a divorce resolution process, the outcome of which is determined entirely by parties working together. It is a private and confidential way for divorcing couples to resolve their disputes privately in order to maintain the stability of their life and family amidst the turmoil that you are currently facing. If you are looking for a certified professional to help you through mediation in Seattle, WA, you have come to the right place.

Financial Mediation Process

During the mediation process, parties may reach agreements on all terms of their divorce, including property division, parenting plan, child support, and/or spousal support. This reduces the financial and emotional cost often associated with a traditional legal process. Mediation also allows for more creative problem solving, which leads to an agreement that reflects both parties’ values and needs.

I am not an attorney and cannot draft legal documents. I can, however, recommend collaboratively trained attorneys who provide such services. The attorneys that I work with are committed to helping divorcing or separating couples resolve disputes outside the courts and will support your efforts to find an amicable solution. They will also assist you with the legal filing and paperwork necessary to complete your divorce process.

Contact A Financial Advisor for divorce Mediation

Teresa Sisk, CDFA has specialized training and experience in helping divorcing couples gather necessary financial information, develop financial projections, and reach agreements around property division, and child/spousal support. Contact her to discuss the mediation process to achieve a financially successful divorce.



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Teresa is amazing! I have worked with Teresa for over 10 years and cannot speak highly enough of her. She is an excellent mediator, skilled in facilitating difficult conversations with people going through divorce. I have also worked with Teresa on a Collaborative Law Divorce team, with Teresa as the financial neutral team member. She is such an integral part of the team and helps the clients navigate some very difficult conversations with grace. I highly recommend Teresa. – Sara Wahl